34 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Friday, November 10, 2017

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(I totally thought this sweater would fit to the very end of this pregnancy.  It still fits, but just barely!)

I say this every week, but I can't believe how close I am!  In a regular pregnancy, this is close, but not that close, but in this case, I am only two weeks away from delivering (but it really could be any day, because twins).

I scheduled my c-section last week so now it is for real going to be during my 36th week.  That sounds really early, but with twins, that is pretty normal, and like I mentioned in my last pregnancy update, getting them past 35 weeks is great, and anytime after that is usually okay.  My doctor is recommending between the 36th and 37th week, to lower the chances of a still-birth (which goes up drastically after 37 weeks, because your placenta can start to break down and not support two babies anymore).

They may need a little NICU time, being born this early, but hopefully not too much.  Twins tend to develop more quickly than singles, too, so they are usually more able to handle being out of the womb early.

I am currently scheduled for a c-section, because both babies were breech at my last appointment with my OB, but we had a little miracle and he is now head down, as of yesterday, so if he will stay there, I can most likely do a vaginal delivery.  They are both pretty wiggly, so there is a chance he could flip a few more times before I deliver.  So sadly, no guarantees.

Last week, when I went in for a growth ultrasound, they said that the twins are weighing about 4 lbs and 5 lbs, respectively (although the tech followed that up by saying that it could be up to a pound and a half off)!  I am thrilled to hear they are so big.  I am trying to do my best to eat a lot these last few weeks to help fatten them up a little before birth.

I am feeling surprisingly good.  Not too many contractions, thankfully, and overall able to eat most anything.  I do have to be careful not to eat anything a few hours before bed, because the heartburn is still an issue sometimes, but medication has made it SO much better.

My clothing selections are shrinking in an incredible way, and I lose a few shirts every week, because they no longer cover my belly, but with only a few weeks left, I don't actually care that much.  I have a pretty dress that Merrick bought for me for my birthday that will last to the end (it is a maxi dress), so if all else fails, I have that.

I also have packed most of my hospital bag, which is a relief to have done.  A few last things that need to go in there, but those are things I use everyday and can't pack until we actually leave (my hairbrush, deodorant, etc).

Funny story from this week.  I think I drank too much water too close to bed, and I couldn't get comfortable because of the heartburn.  So I propped up my pillows and must have fallen asleep soon thereafter.  What felt like seconds later, Adam was climbing out of bed, asking me if I was okay.  He isn't the type to have weird dreams or talk in his sleep, so I was pretty confused.

Then he told me his side of the bed was all wet, and was asking if my water broke.  After a few seconds of assessment, I didn't feel anything to indicate that, but once he dug around on the bed a little, he found my water bottle, open and apparently dumping water all the bedspread, sheets and his legs.  I guess I had grabbed it right before I fell asleep, and then didn't put it back on the nightstand.  It has been slowly draining over his legs for almost 2 hours before it woke him up.  Whoops!

So we did a quick sheet change (thankfully our mattress protector is great and the mattress wasn't wet at all), and were back to bed in about 5 minutes.  A sort of funny story, but I think we were both relieved that my water had not broken.  Stay in there for another two weeks, dudes!

I am a little terrified that we are so close, but also really excited to be in the final stretch!  We can't wait to meet these babies in just a few short weeks!


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