36 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Saturday, November 25, 2017

As you are reading this, I am likely getting a c-section.  But yesterday, I hit the 36 weeks milestone!  My twins will still be a week premature, but I am hopeful that they will be healthy despite that!  Many twins born at 36 weeks are just fine and don't need NICU time.  We shall see, but I am thrilled to have made it this far!  Here is a quick recap of my pregnancy in photo form: 

I was obviously inconsistent about both taking photos and posting about the most recent pregnancy details, but I am thrilled I have so many photos along the way!  It is fun to go back and see how much I have grown.

This week, I have been surprisingly comfortable, despite having two quite wiggly babies.  I am gearing up for my c-section and feel pretty good about it.  This past week, I was hoping I would end up with a head down baby on bottom, but sadly, as of Wednesday, we have a bum on bottom, and a head down baby just above that, but that means and automatic c-section.  

I feel a little bad about this week, because Fox was quite sick on Thanksgiving and Friday, so his last days as an only child were a little depressing, I think, as he laid on the floor a lot, and threw up some.  No fun times with Dad and Mom to cherish.  

I am actually pretty worried about how the transition from one to three kids will go.  I know every parent worries about this with their second child, and I feel this doubly, because we are having two kids instead of just one.  I don't want Fox to be an only child, and I am thrilled we have two new buddies joining our family, but gosh, it is stressful adding new babies to the family.  

Hopefully the adjustment period won't be too bad for Fox, and that he will get over his sickness before they get home, and will be his normal happy self before they come home from the hospital.  

Despite my worries, I really am SO excited to meet them, and can't wait to introduce them to you!  

Thanks for your kind and helpful thoughts!  You are all so wonderful!  


  1. So many prayers for you today! Hoping for a safe and healthy delivery!

  2. My first had the flu the days before I had my second, so I know how you feel!! It will all work out just the way it is supposed to.

  3. I hope everything went well. Looking forward to seeing the new family pictures!

  4. Wow you look amazing!!! I only hope I look that good at 36 weeks. Good luck!!

  5. Many many prayers for you and your upcoming family. It good to have the feeling of being blessed with such a gift of mother nature and standing to all the consequences soo firmly


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