Raiding My Sister's Closet: The Mini Makeover

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I have been wanting to do a mini-makeover on this sweater for several months, and it was fun to have an excuse to make it happen.  I saw this photo from Anthropologie sometime earlier this year and thought it was such a cool idea for an old sweater.  I wanted to use a colored sweater, but I also didn't want to pay for something that I might wreck, and this sweater was free from a clothing swap that I hosted a few months ago.  So, I decided to dip dye it in bleach.  I had to use A LOT of bleach, but after a good long time sitting in a bleach filled sink, the black really lightened up nicely!  I may or may not be slightly obsessed with my handiwork. 


Check out what Janssen and Merrick made over! 


  1. Landen this is so cute! nice work =)

  2. Very cute! I love it!

  3. This is VERY cool. And glad to see that dress getting some wear!

  4. This looks great! Did the bleach seem to effect the feel or quality of the fabric? Or is it still the same as the unbleached part? Thanks!


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