Fox Monthly: Seven Months

Friday, August 7, 2015

I am constantly amazed at Fox's development.  He isn't ahead of schedule, or behind, but is constantly learning and developing, and I love watching him discover the world around him!  He has a few mannerisms right now that I absolutely love!  We love you, baby!  

1.  He just started sitting up on his own a few days ago, and he loves it!  Because of it, he gets frustrated when we lay him down, because he wants to sit up!

2.  A few days ago, he discovered his fists, and he often makes a fist and just stares at it, fascinated.  It is incredibly darling.

3.  He is loving books.  Before he would get kind of bored or stare at other things, but now he is enthralled by the colors, he turns the pages, and generally thinks reading books is awesome!  

4.  Fox does this funny thing when he wants food that we have.  He starts waving one of his little hands around to let us know he is interested.   A few days ago, Adam was eating a nectarine and that little hand started waving around.  Adam let him gnaw on it for a minute, then took it back, and when he saw Adam eating it, his whole body started shaking, his hands went crazy, and he tried his best to get to Adam, so he could have some more.  Needless to say, he loves food. 

5. He is crazy about tags.  The longer the tag the better.  He has a few in particular that he sucks on regularly, and they bring him lots of satisfaction.  And make him slobber even more than usual... 

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  1. He's such a cutie! Look at him sitting like a pro! We're hoping to hit that milestone in the next week or so! We got 6 seconds of unsupported sitting this morning!


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