Menu Planning with a Printable Menu Plan (Vlog #2!)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Many years ago, my mom told me about her first experience cooking dinner for my dad, right after they got married.  Dinnertime was quickly approaching, and she couldn't think of a single thing to make.  In fact, she couldn't even remember what kinds of things people usually ate.

I am not sure what she ended up pulling together, but I remember laughing at this story, thinking that I would never have that problem, and promptly forgot all about it until the week we moved into our apartment after moving to Texas.

I was planning my first week of meals and I couldn't for the life of me think of a single thing to make.  All ideas for recipes and dinners were gone.  No ideas at all.  Suddenly my mom's story seemed less laughable and completely legitimate.

It has been several years since this complete mind melt-down, but I still have weeks where I can't think of a thing to make.  Since then I have discovered a few tricks that help smooth my recipe planning experience each week.

I shared them previously, but I have refined my technique a bit since then, and I thought it might be time to share it again, this time with a super cute PDF and a vlog post!  Hopefully much more helpful and definitely cuter!

Check out the video and see the menu plan below (click the link below the menu for the free printable PDF file).  I will also be posting 4 of the 6 recipes here with ratings and comments next week!

*Updated:  The Recipes are here, here, here and here!

To download the PDF, click here


  1. SOOOOO cute!! You have such a fun video persona :)

  2. Hi Landen !
    Vlogging is a great idea, we get to see some real, live action and you are really good at editing your videos ! Bonus points for making us smile with this little guy's laugh ! He is just so cute !
    I really like your meal planning technique : I used to only use 2 colums : "menu" and "to buy", which resulted in a lot of grocery shopping and a pantry full of stuff we never ate ! I will try using your 9 boxes this week, I'm pretty sure it will work perfectly for us !
    Take care :)

  3. Love this Vlog!! Your baby laughing is the cutest. I used to menu plan regularly but then everyone always wanted something different than what was on the menu for the day. So i gave up!! Plus my kids are terrible eaters - 3 yo and 5 yo who have very little interest in food besides plain rice, plain pasta and chips. ugh....!
    But you've inspired to try again - awesome ideas!! Thank you :-)

  4. I'm just going to tell you again how much I loved your vlog! So fun! I also do my menu plan really similar to yours, it's the best! Also, did you know some Walmarts are doing online orders now with at-store pick up... for no additional cost?! We tried it today and it was basically the greatest thing ever! It totally eliminates those in-store splurge purchases!

  5. You're so good at making the videos ;) I loved watching this one! I also have to try the quiche!


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