Raiding My Sister's Closet: Dressing for Thanksgiving Day

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday to dress for.  For many people, it is a relatively formal holiday, because of the traditional, china-worthy dinner.  Often, as a host or guest, you will also be participating in some aspect of the dinner preparation or clean up, so your outfit must be chosen carefully!  After much consideration, I decided to share a few guidelines for helping you look and feel your best on Thanksgiving day.

First, your outfit it must be comfortable.  Most Thanksgivings, we spend time with family, cousins or the small children of close friends (now my own kids!), and I end up sitting on the floor at some point.  I don't want to be wearing a dress that is so tight that I can't sit down in it.  Sooner or later I usually help out in the kitchen, so having something comfortable to wear, that I am not constantly adjusting is also a must.  Dinner often fills us up to the point of discomfort, so choosing something that isn't form fitting or really tight about the waist is probably your best bet.  You can still dress up, but maybe opt for something you feel really comfortable in.

Second, layer it up.  The kitchen gets hot with all that food being prepared, and it is cold outside.  Wearing a few items allows you to take off some layers if you get hot, or bundle up if you get cold.  It can also help keep your clothes clean if you have a long sleeve sweater than you can remove before helping out in the kitchen.  You don't want to be dragging those sleeves through the gravy!

Third,  wear something that makes you feel pretty.  This sounds so obvious, because who doesn't want to look pretty for a holiday dinner?  But I think that sometimes if we know that we will be cooking, or sitting on the couch watching football, or eating more than we probably should, we choose something that's okay to spill on, or that isn't our best.  You don't have to choose your very best to wear, but wear something you feel good in!  It will make the whole day better, guaranteed!

shirt: downeast basics (via clothing swap)// sweater: old navy (via clothing swap)// skirt: unknown (via clothing swap)// shoes: dsw// necklace: francesca's

Merrick and Janssen are sure to inspire you with their incredible Thanksgiving outfits!  Check them out!  

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  1. In my family, we definitely dress up a little bit, or at least enough so that my mom will say, "You look nice!" In my fiance's family, however, no one dresses up for Thanksgiving. I think I wore a button-up last year and that was plenty formal. They don't dress up for Christmas, either, since they're LDS and don't have services to attend. So it'll definitely be a low-key holiday season for me, clothes wise.


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