Vlog and a Clothing Swap

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I love new things.  Packages in the mail, new shoes, furniture, haircuts, you name it, I most likely love getting it new.  With the minimalist part of my life kicking into high gear, getting new things all the time (other than food), seems unnecessary.  But I still love getting new stuff.  The remedy?  Stuff swaps.  Primarily clothing, although one time I went to a household item swap for a church activity, and that was pretty awesome. Get rid of what you don't want or need for things you do!

I have done unofficial clothing swaps many times with my sisters, old roommates, friends and even the laundry room's thrift store donation bin at one of the apartment complexes that I lived in.  Just in the last few years, I have started to participate in more official clothing swaps hosted by me, or by friends, and I must say, they are SO fun.  Particularly if the people you are swapping with have similar clothing style as you. Chances are you will come home with something great!

This time, I was able to find lots of fabulous things to take home.  A few times I have brought home things that I thought were fun, but in the end, I never wore them.  Because of this, one of the main things I did this time, was really focus in on what fit well, and what I thought I would actually wear.

I carefully selected each item, tried it on, and decided on whether or not it would fit in with my current aesthetic, and closet.  Despite rigorous tests for fit, and style, I happily ended up bringing home a large box of stuff that I am extremely excited to wear! It has been oh-so-tempting to wear some of it, but I have done quite well resisting while I am doing my 15 day clothing challenge!

Also, here is a vlog post with baby, clothes, and a bit of cooking for your enjoyment on this Wednesday!

The brownie recipe that I make in the vlog is here.  You should probably make them today, because they are INCREDIBLE!  And if you decide to lick the bowl or spatula after you make your brownies, I totally get it, because I do it too (but I accept no responsibility if you get sick!)!

Also, I realize that I have posted A LOT about clothing in the last week or two!   Tomorrow and Friday, I have two recipe posts for you!  I can't wait to share them!  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Again, I sound like a broken record, but your vlogs are always so nicely done. Also, I feel terrible for falling off the horse with your clothing challenge... we've had two sick kids and pretty much everything social media/blog related has fallen off the cliff the last week and a half!

    1. Paige,
      your comments always make me feel fantastic! Thanks for always being there to support me :) And no worries about the clothing challenge! I have had a day or two where I didn't want to do it either, but I have to keep doing it, because I am the one who started it! I honestly think just the idea of limiting yourself that much can make you think about your closet differently, and that is really what I was going for. A challenge about it just sounded extra fun!

  2. I love your vlogs more than anything else on your blog! I've flirted with the idea of s clothing challenge, but since I moved last year to Miami from Itah, all my winter clothes are boxed up and I only have so many summer clothes anyway. Haha. And I think about dressing up and then I walk outside and laugh out loud over the insanity that would be wearing anything more than my lightest, single-layer t shirts with either shorts or my one pair of olive khaki capris. Haha. A swap though, sounds like something I could really get behind. :)

    1. Thanks!!! I am so glad to hear that you are liking the vlogs! I have really enjoyed making them and I am learning SO much while doing them! Hot weather year round makes it SO hard to want to wear anything layered. The summers here are like that. Brutally hot, and the thought of wearing a sweater makes you want to faint or melt. SO awful! And yes, swaps are the best!


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