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Friday, July 15, 2016

We have now been in Provo, UT about 4 weeks. I went to college in this little town, so I was already decently familiar with it, but living here this time around has been vastly different. For starters, I am no longer a student.  I am married, have a baby and live in a house. One constant has been the beautiful summer weather that I remember from my college days. I don't miss the Texas humidity one bit (sorry, Austin friends!).

We have had a great time living in Provo, seeing some old friends, meeting new ones, enjoying restaurants and bakeries around town, and going to places with lots of animals (mainly the BYU Bean Museum, that has loads of taxidermied animals, and the duck pond south of BYU campus). One of the best parts about living in Provo, has been living in a house.

This has been the first time that I have lived in a house in many years, and I am reveling in the space. Adam and I have both commented that you could totally fit a family of 6 or 8 in this house without much trouble. Basically it is WAY more space than we really need, and feels luxurious for the few weeks we will be here.

The house is very, very old, built in the late 1800's, and belongs to a relative of mine (which is one of the main reasons we chose to live in a house, not an apartment). The house has three bedrooms, which is somewhat flexible because one of the bedroom is actually a loft and there is a library that has had a bed in there right now, but probably won't in the future.

It has a large living room, and a long kitchen with two kitchen tables, and a gorgeous study with skylights and a loft above it.

There is a small courtyard in the back (which Fox is loving playing in), with a small picket fence around it.  Fox often stands behind the fence with his head pressed up against the slats, so he can watch the cars go by. Last night, he spent about 20 minutes with a spoon in the planter (a section with a few weeds and a lot of dirt), catapulting dirt into his hair and all over the surrounding bushes.  He loves this house and yard as much as I do!

Overall, it has been a lovely house to stay in, and I will always have fond memories of living here!

If you want to come see my house for yourself, come to my bread class on Saturday (July 16)!!! I would love to see you there, and still have a few spots available!  Email me at measureandwhisk[at]gmail[dot]com to reserve a spot. Full details available here.

The dark but gorgeous entry! The entire living room is covered in this navy blue wallpaper. At first I thought it would make the room feel dark, but instead it is cozy and elegant.

A cozy window nook in the Living Room. Fox and I sit here some mornings and watch the cars go by. 

One corner of the kitchen. The kitchen has never felt clean enough or light enough to take proper photos. 

The hallway from the old part of the house to the new study and loft.  

Someone in the family (I am not sure who), did this incredible painting on the wall (there is another one by the same artist on the opposite wall, shown in the next photo). The man who painted them was a pharmacist and chose that profession as his subject in these beautiful paintings.

The study. And my favorite room in the house. The light just pours through these windows in the morning; it is such a calming room.

My aunt and uncle who own the house have children who have lived in a number of countries in Middle East, so they have decorated with a number of beautiful handmade tapestries from their travels there.  

The loft.

The library, upstairs. This space has the most beautiful light. Adam and I realized the other day that each room in the house has sunlight coming in from at least two different sources, which gives every room really great light!


  1. This house is so charming! I especially love that navy entry.

    And, I know JUST what you mean about all the space. I have never loved a house as much as I loved our first house in Durham. The difference between living in our Texas apartment and going to a 2-story home was just night and day. Even though we've lived in nicer houses since then, I don't think I've ever felt as just ECSTATIC about a home as I did that one.

  2. Gorgeous! I also enjoy spying on the kitchen... I'm trying to redo mine


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