Raiding My Sister's Closet: That Time We All Styled Merrick's Denim Skirt

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

One of the best things about having sisters is being able to share clothes. We aren't exactly the same size in everything (most notably shoes.  We are each at least a size apart), but shirts, dresses and skirts can often by exchanged with no safety pinning required.

When Merrick and I lived in the same city,  I borrowed her clothes frequently (sadly, my clothes were definitely less fun for her to borrow), and I remember one particular night when I was going on a date to the opera.

She stopped by my college apartment on her way home from work, and asked what I was going to wear.  I had been pretty stressed out about what would be appropriate, because I had never been to an opera, and wasn't sure what the dress code was.  Merrick helped me pick out an outfit and then finished the look by lending me the coat that she was wearing.  There were many reasons why I miss living by her, but this is one of them.

When I lived by Janssen, we were constantly swapping clothes.  It was great to have 2 wardrobes, instead of one.  Plus, when I got tired of them, I just took them back.

We may not live close to each other now, but back in May, we were all together for a few days for my little brother's LDS mission homecoming, so we thought it would be fun to style one piece in three different ways.  We each have a fairly distinctive style, so it was fun to see what each sister chose to wear with this darling a-line skirt. The skirt belongs to Merrick, because she definitely has the coolest clothes of the three of us.  Actually, the purse also belongs to her... Like I said, she definitely has the coolest clothes.

I wanted a fun, summery look, so this hot pink shirt felt just right.  This bright shirt has quickly worked its way to a favorite position in my closet.  I wear it often, and always feel like a million bucks when I do (the bright color makes me look nice and tan)!  Pair it with some comfy wedges, and we are in business!

shirt: h&m via ThredUp - you can get $10 off your first order here (similar)//skirt: borrowed from Merrick.  Check out her link below to see where it is from// purse: borrowed from Merrick// wedges: dsw (similar & similar)// necklace: francesca's (similar)

Check out Janssen and Merrick styled this skirt!  



  1. Hi Landen! Just love your wedges.. I saw your link to similar ones, but can't get over how much I love the exact ones you're wearing. Are those DSW as well?

    1. Mine are from DSW, but they are from two summers ago, when I was pregnant. It doesn't look like they are still being made, but here is a link to a pair for sale on eBay:

      I also found two very, very similar pairs (I think they might be the newer version of this shoe) from the same company:

      I hope this helps! Sorry that the ones that I am wearing are not sold anymore!

    2. Thanks so much for the detailed reply :) I really appreciate it! Also- Just saw your newest post about living in Provo again. In 2 weeks I'll be in Provo for a conference - looking forward to the trip as I've never been to Utah before!

  2. I have two sisters, but we're all different sizes and body types. So no clothes sharing for us, beyond the occasional scarf or necklace. But I shared shoes with one of them growing up, that was great!

    1. In college, I had hoped that my roommates and I would be able to swap clothes a lot, because we were all relatively similar sizes, there were only a couple that actually could in the end. We did a lot of jewelry, scarf borrowing though. Similar situation to you and your sisters.

      Always a bummer when you can't extend your wardrobe like that! On the other hand, you don't have to worry about someone dumping orange juice on your white pants while wearing them, or someone accidentally ripping a hole in them. :)


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