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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I have recently been thinking about my consistency of making certain foods.  I would like to say I make a green smoothie every day, or that I bake a loaf of bread once a week (I probably do, but not in any habitual way), but I don't do either of these things consistently (and sort of wish I did).  But these are the things I do make weekly!  I was kind of surprised at how many of them there were!

Yogurt:  I have a Yogurt Maker, that I adore.  The first time I made yogurt I thought it took a super long time and was incredibly inconvenient.  But most tasks feel like that the first time you do them (and some continue to feel super inconvenient for the rest of your life.  Laundry, anyone...?).  Once I got in the rhythm of making it, it has become a cinch.  I no longer have to look at the list of ingredients, and I can make it in about 20 minutes.  It is very easy, and we have fresh and delicious yogurt every week for a significantly reduced price (It costs about $1.50 for 8 cups of whole milk yogurt).  We eat it on our granola every morning for breakfast.
Homemade Yogurt in the Crock Pot 
No Bake Raspberry and Peach Parfait

Pizza Crust:  We make a LOT of pizza in our home.  I love it, and have found that it keeps everyone very happy to have a regular pizza night. Pizza crust is a cinch, and only takes a few minutes to make. Plus you can store it for about 3 months in the freezer and pull it out whenever you need a fast dinner.
Apple Cheddar Bacon Pizza
Thai Chicken Pizza with Peanut Sauce
Pesto Squash Pizza

Pie Crust:  I use pie crust for all kinds of things:  Quiche, galettes, vegetable pot pie, crackers, etc.  It is versatile, freezes wonderfully and it is generally very delicious. I have made this recipe for a number of years and it always turns out beautifully.
My Favorite Pie Crust Recipe
Roasted Carrot and Parmesan Quiche
Caramelized Onion and Kale Quiche
Caramel Apple Pie
Vegetable Pot Pie
Mini Pear and Feta Galettes

Dried Beans: We were about 95% vegetarian for the first 4 months of this year (we are giving up a little early, because we are staying with Adam's parents, who are not vegetarian).  Beans are a staple of our diet.  In fact, when I took Fox to his 15 month appointment a few weeks ago, the nurse practitioner seemed very concerned when I mentioned that we were mostly vegetarian.  Then I mentioned how often we eat beans, and she looked relieved, and moved on without further comment.  Beans are great!  We use them in soups, salads, tacos, and more.  They are really easy to make in the crockpot, using this tutorial.
Carrot and Chickpea Salad
White Bean and Carrot Salad (see photo above for visual)
Black Bean Soup
Black Bean and Red Pepper Tacos

Granola:  I love granola so much.  We have eaten it almost every morning for about 4 years, and we have yet to grow tired of it. You can add all kinds of nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and more to it and it makes a most satisfactory treat or breakfast.
Chocolate Granola
Basic Granola
Ways to up your Granola Game


  1. These all look great! I'm not (and have never been able to) pin recipes from your site. Are you able to fix that on your end? I would love to make some of the pizzas for sure! Thanks!

    1. I have had one other person mention that they had trouble with this, but it was quite a while ago, and I never heard back if they were able to fix it.

      I have a few suggestions to try, because I don't think I can fix it on my end. I am able to pin from my site, and other people have pinned stuff as well, so I think it might be your computer/phone. I would first check the browser. I have fixed a number of internet problems over the years with by switching browsers. I usually switch from Safari to Chrome, and it will let me do whatever it is that Safari wouldn't let me do. Not an ideal fix, but it could work. You could also check to see if you have the most up-to-date version of your browser. If neither of those options work, you can always go look at the things that I have pinned (username is measureandwhisk), because I always pin my own recipes/posts on the appropriate board (dinner to the "It's Dinnertime" board, Dessert to the "Time for Something Sweet" board, etc). I hope this helps! If not, let me know, and I can look further into it!


  2. My husband loves the look of your beans. Sadly, I've never been a huge bean fan! But I shall keep this for his sake.


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